Why is Pollard mum on Mac? Because he can be

Is McDermott on the hot seat? His boss isn't saying.

In response to the great number of people asking their friends, wondering, blogging, chatting and filling up Internet space in regards to Greg McDermott’s job status at Iowa State and why Athletics Director Jamie Pollard hasn’t adressed it publicly, here’s the answer:

He doesn’t have to.

Media outlets — including this one — have made multiple inquiries on the topic. Pollard believes it is most beneficial to remain quiet.  

McDermott, who after Saturday’s loss to No. 1 Kansas has records of 57-63 overall and 16-42 in Big 12 Conference play, is under contract through the 2014-15 season.

According to details of his contract, the fourth-year coach is earning $950,000 this year and next year will crack the $1 million mark.

McDermott’s base salary is $225,000 with $625,000 more in guaranteed additional compensation. He also earns an annual raise of $75,000 for the life of the contract, though agreed to  give up $25,000 of that increase for the 2010 fiscal year to help pay for raises for his assistants and “other purposes in the best interest of the program,” according to his contract.

If Pollard decided the man he hired back in March 2006 should not continue coaching the Cyclones after this season, McDermott would be paid $2 million, or $500,000  for each remaining year of his deal.

In the spring of 2008 his contract was extended through May 1, 2015.

This started as McDermott’s most anticipated yet. He finally had the kind of depth and talent that past team did not.

It’s been disappointing, for several reasons, as ISU sits at 13-12 overall and 2-8 in league play.

If the program doesn’t start winning sooner than later, Pollard won’t need make any public statements. His hand will likely be forced. 

At this point in time, Pollard doesn’t feel the need to speak out.


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