ISU and Iowa in AZ would be a “coincidence”

Iowa and Iowa State will not come to Arizona bowl games as a package deal.

This coming from Tony Alba, a spokesman for the Fiesta and Insight bowls, which have both of the state schools very much on their radar.

The rivals could bring some crossover fans, who would arrive for ISU’s Dec. 31 Insight Bowl game against a Big Ten, then stay in town to watch the Hawkeyes play in the Jan. 4 Fiesta Bowl.

Alba said this week that the selection committee extends invitations independently.

“We don’t look at it that way at all,” he said. “It could work out like that by coincidence. We look at the best decision for the Fiesta Bowl and the best decision for the Insight Bowl.”

We’ll know for sure Sunday night, when all the bowls’ selections are finalized.

ISU (6-6) also could play in the Independence or Texas bowls.

The Cyclones have played in all three of those bowls before. They were picked for the Independence Bowl in Shreveport, La., twice this decade, most recently in 2004.

“They haven’t indicated that’s an issue,” ISU Athletic Director Jamie Pollard said.

Of course, things could change depending on the results of Saturday’s games, particularly the Big 12 Championship game between Texas and Nebraska.


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