Iowa State football odds and ends

Iowa State is tied with 10 teams nationally with just two sacks allowed this season.

Part of that is quarterback Austen Arnaud getting rid of the ball in a timely fashion and not holding onto it. Another is the five big guys protecting him.  

“Our offensive line is talented and they are getting better as the season goes along,” Coach Paul Rhoads said.


The Cyclones’ next best national rank: Net punting.

ISU is 5th in that category with an average of 42.5 yards per attempt.

Punter Mike Brandtner would credit a lot of that to his hairdo, which is getting lengthy, to say the least.  Rhoads teased the senior about that, and his facial hair.

“Not getting a haircut. I’m letting it all go right now,” Brandtner said.


Arnaud was impressed by Brett Favre’s touchdown pass with :02 seconds to play that gave his beloved Minnesota Vikings the victory and a 3-0 start.

“Big throw yesterday,” Arnaud said.

He hasn’t always liked Favre, despite what some think about his choice to wear No. 4, Favre’s number with the Green Bay Packers for all those years.

Ames High coach Bruce Vertanen give No. 4 to Arnaud.

“It was either 4 or 13 or something. I didn’t want 13. Everyone thinks I’m a big Brett Favre guy but I’m not.


Emptying the notebook still from the weekend. Here is this nugget from Rhoads at the end of his postgame news conference when asked about Kennard Banks and the other two Cyclones suspended — then reinstated — after a search of their apartment uncovered marijuana residue and seeds.

Banks started at cornerback against Army and is listed No. 1 again on ISU’s depth chart this week. The three have preliminary hearings set for Oct. 5.

Rhoads:  “I’m not going to comment any further on that or give you any more information. I will say this about our football team and our players, I take everything from a discipline standpoint very seriously, whether it is a missed class, a missed study hall, or more seriously something that involves the police and law enforcement. I’m always going to do that.

“That being said, I’m disappointed that some people have pre-judged in this instance without knowing all of the information.”

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