Rhoads: No regrets in trying onsider

We know how it turned out, but what is the feeling from Iowa State fans on yesterday’s game-turning onsides kick?

Gutsy or foolish?

Leading 3-0 and playing well defensively against a shaky Ricky Stanzi, Cyclone coach Paul Rhoads rolled the dice. Iowa recovered at ISU’s 41-yard line. Four plays later Stanzi hit fullback Brett Morse for a 1-yard touchdown.

The Hawkeyes never looked back.

So why give a struggling offense a short field when you could continue playing the field position game and trust your defense? Is it worth the risk? Rhoads felt so, and said post-game he had his mind set on trying the onsider as early as Thursday.

“There’s a right time and a wrong time — whether you are successful or not — to run those types of plays,” said ISU’s first-year coach. “That was the right time.

“There was some holes on their kickoff return team…that we knew we could take advantage of if we executed properly. I’d do it again without hesitation.”

It’s a move that’ll be second-guessed by many, just not the head coach.

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2 Responses to “Rhoads: No regrets in trying onsider”

  1. Tim Says:

    From the sketchy replay that I saw, one of the Cyclone players had the perfect opportunity to blow up the Hawkeye who was waiting to catch the on-side kick, but he whiffed–big time. If he makes that hit, the ball is loose on the ground in the middle of 4 Cyclones with the nearest Hawkeye about 8-10 yards away.

    • ejpetersen Says:

      I think they were flagged for offsides anyway, if I remember correctly. But yes, there was a chance to recover it and make the call a genius one.

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