Barnes (allegedly) leaning towards…

Wanted man: Harrison Barnes

Wanted man: Harrison Barnes

St. Paul Pioneer Press columnist Charley Walters has a blurb in his Sunday column reporting that Ames guard/forward Harrison Barnes is leaning towards playing at Kansas.

Should we believe it? At this point in time, anyone reporting Barnes leaning toward one school over the others is speculating. Barnes may ultimately pick the Jayhawks — a shock to absolutely no one — but he and his mother are holding their cards close to the vest during this process.

My guess: Walters was chatting up a Gopher insider or coach, who is under the impression Barnes has locked in on KU. It’s a column. Attribution is optional. He ran with it.

It may turn out being true, but don’t freak out just yet Iowa State basketball fans.

I still think you have a shot at landing the kid. Of course, I too am speculating. But I’ve got a feeling Barnes isn’t just giving his hometown school a token look when he has his choice of any school in the nation.

Barnes is recruiting service’s No. 1 overall player. has the 6-6 wing at No. 2, with KU, ISU, North Carolina, Duke, UCLA, Minnesota, Stanford and Florida still under consideration. 

Don’t throw in the towel yet Cyclone Nation. Signing day isn’t until November.


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