Metcalf goes down…again

It’s not been a good day for Brent Metcalf.

The Iowa wrestling star and  World Team Trials challenge tournament favorite at 145.5 pounds won his first match of the day. It’s been downhill since.

He was beaten by training partner and Hawkeye assistant coach Jared Frayer in the semifinals, ending up on the wrong end of a last-second takedown.

An hour later in his consolation match against yet another training partner, Doug Schwab, Metcalf had another close match go against him. The three-period match went Schwab’s (1-1, 0-1, 1-1) way by virtue of Schwab twice earning the last takedown in the period.

Metcalf’s frustration was clear, during and after the match.

He tossed Schwab’s shoe aside after it came off when Schwab wiggled his leg loose from Metcalf’s hold. He walked off the floor in disust with a yellow Iowa hoodie draped over his head. 

And so, his tournament is finished. Much to his, and the dismay of others who thought he would ultimately be the one to face Trent Paulson in the best-of-three championship.

Metcalf broke down as he spoke with reporters. The senior-to-be will have to wait till next year for a shot at his first World team.

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