Stay or go? Clock is ticking for Brackins

What do you do if you are Craig Brackins?

The NBA clearly is within reach for Iowa State’s sophomore forward after his first-team all-Big 12 Conference season. He’s got measurables (6-10, 230 lbs.) and skills that NBA teams seek: he scores from inside and out, he rebounds aggressively, he handles the ball decently well, he can pass out of double teams, he blocks shots, he defends… though defense is optional in the NBA.

Mock drafts have Brackins all over the board in what is being described as one of the weakest drafts in memory. Here’s one:

The prevailing feeling is that Brackins would be a first-round draft pick this year, which means a lot of guaranteed money over a three-year contract. 

If Brackins were the 25th overall pick, as projects, he would earn $867,200 in his rookie season and about $2.8 million total, according to 2008’s rookie draft pick salary scale.

That would be hard for anyone to pass up, let alone a 20-something high on his earning potential.

So as the Johnny Flynns, Cole Aldrichs and Chase Budingers tell the world what they are gonna do, why haven’t we heard anything from Brackins?

Underclassmen have until April 26 to make themselves available for the draft. Most have made their intentions known by now, save for players like Willie Warren and Stephen Curry.

That can only lead us to one conclusion… Brackins is conflicted.

— He can return to the Cyclones, build on his 20.2 points and 9.5 rebounds per game from last season, try and help ISU climb the Big 12 standings with a roster that appears improved and hopefully enhance his draft stock for 2010. 

— He can give himself some options by declaring for the draft and going through workouts and evaluations with NBA teams, but NOT hire representation and preserve college eligibility by the June deadline to pull his name out.

— Or he can jump in with both feet and not look back, put his name in and hire an agent, ending his ISU career right there. 

What will he do? What should he do? 

Honestly, after having been asked this question more times than I can count over the last several months, I would be just as conflicted.

Best of luck, Craig.

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