Coaching change costing Cyclones — update

An update/clarification for those of you who read my piece in Saturday’s Gazette detailing Iowa State’s continuing payments to members of former head football coach Gene Chizik’s assistant coaching staff:

Iowa State could end up paying less than the estimated $800,000-plus to its assistant coaches who worked under Gene Chizik if those who are out of work find jobs.

Where ISU will really take a hit is with its coordinators — Robert McFarland (offense) and Wayne Bolt (defense) — the only coaches on staff working under two-year contracts.

McFarland will earn the rest of his annual $283,250 through June 30. He’ll earn that same amount if he does not find work between July 1 and June 30, 2010, or earn the difference in pay between a new job and his ISU salary.

Odds are good McFarland won’t be pulling in that much at his next stop, which means Athletic Director Jamie Pollard will be cutting checks to the highest paid of Chizik’s coaches until then.

Bolt has joined Chizik at Auburn in some sort of administrative role earning $90,000 a year.  That eases the burden some, but ISU will owe him his monthly pay until June 30 and difference in salary ($147,500) for the following contract year.

The other coaches under Chizik still out of work are Mike Pelton (defensive line), Tony Petersen (quarterbacks), Shawn Raney (defensive backs) and Ken Sheppard (strength and conditioning).

Those four are earning their monthly paychecks for another 2 1/2 months.

If they find work that pays them as much or more between now and then — which probably is unlikely — ISU is off the hook for that money.

Five members of Chizik’s staff have found work with two of them (Jay Boulware and Scott Fountain) earning an annual salary higher than the one they earned at ISU.

New salary figures for Jeff Koonz (Texas) and Jay Rodgers (Denver Broncos) were not available, but the two likely are drawing a lesser amount, and thus, a check from ISU. Koonz made $82,400 and Rodgers made $92,700 with the Cyclones. 

The bottom line: ISU can reduce its costs if the unemployed find jobs before the current contract year, Koonz and Rodgers got raises, Bolt gets a bump in pay or a higher paying job somewhere else, and McFarland finds work by next July.

Yes, Chizik’s contract stipulated he give back $750,000 to Iowa State for breaking his contract and the difference between that and what ISU could ultimately pay in salary to its former coaches appears to be a fraction of that, according to figures estimated by athletic officials.

That may be found money in some people’s minds, but it doesn’t mean ISU wants to give that and some of its reserves away to coaches who no longer are working in Ames. 

New head coach Paul Rhoads and his assistant coaches are drawing paychecks, too.

This isn’t going to bleed ISU’s budget dry, but don’t think the money won’t be missed.

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