Any questions for Rhoads?

I’ve got a half-hour with new Iowa State coach Paul Rhoads next Tuesday.

There’s a few things I’ve got in mind to ask the man, but the floor is open for suggestions.

What do people want to know about him as a person, his approach to rebuilding ISU’s program, what kinds of players he wants to bring in, etc.

Rhoads’ family clearly has played a big role in his life. They’ll be around en masse, as most of them live 20 minutes down Interstate 35 in Ankeny.

I’d like to know more about his personal life and what led the class valedictorian into coaching.

Rhoads helped build the Cyclones into a winner under coach Dan McCarney. But the Big 12 has changed since then. It’s hands down one of the toughest leagues in college football.

Would Rhoads have hired Rice’s Tom Herman and his spread offense had the coach been hired to lead a program in the Big Ten or Big East or ACC? Doubt it.

National signing day is a big day for him. A month-and-a-half later spring practices begin.

Then summer conditioning leading up to the start of preseason practice and the Sept. 3 season opener against North Dakota State.

How can i best serve my readers here? Drop me a line before Tuesday.


2 Responses to “Any questions for Rhoads?”

  1. JC Anderson Says:

    How do you expect to do better than Dan McCarney’s teams which were still subpar for actual success in the Big 12? Better recruiting? Better team play? Better strategies?

  2. Charlie Says:

    What do you expect to be your primary recruiting territories?

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