Which road will Rhoads travel?

We have just three confirmed members of Paul Rhoads’ first coaching staff at Iowa State — Akron asst. head coach Bill Bliel, ex-San Diego State secondary coach Chris Ash and ex-Auburn defensive line coach Terry Price.

With bowl season finishing up over the next week, and coaches playing their annual game of musical chairs once their seasons are over with, it figures to be a week full of news on that front.

Also, the recruiting dead period expires Jan. 2. Airplane seats and rental cars will be in short supply as coaches will be criss-crossing the country in the final month before national signing day on Feb. 4.

Will any of the coaches hired by Gene Chizik be retained? You’d have to think 1 or 2 will stay, assuming they don’t follow Chizik or have offers they feel are better.

Is Rhoads interested in hiring back any of his former colleagues during his first tour of duty in Ames from 1995-99? Ash was one. How about Mike Woodley? Or Steve Loney?

The offensive and defensive coordinator spots will be his most important hires.

It won’t be long before we know who they’ll be and what kind of systems Rhoads plans to install. Stay tuned.

One Response to “Which road will Rhoads travel?”

  1. John Wade Says:

    Interesting.. I’m gonna take a look…

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