My Heisman ballot – final edition

After careful consideration and thought — and thanks to all of you who responded with how you’d approach the vote — my Heisman Trophy ballot went as follows:

1) Colt McCoy, QB, Texas
2) Tim Tebow, QB, Florida
3) Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma

I do think Iowa’s Shonn Greene is deserving and believe me, I nearly changed my vote at the last minute.
But those three players are so clearly the best three candidates for the prize. Who would replace if Greene were in the top 3?
Bradford, who passed for 4.464 yards and had 53 combined touchdowns?
Tebow, who appears to be one of the great leaders in recent memory and has his team in the BCS Championship game?
McCoy, who could be playing in the title game, finished with 3.445 yards passing, a team-high 576 yards rushing and 42 total touchdowns?

Did i get it right? Or at least close?

3 Responses to “My Heisman ballot – final edition”

  1. EP Says:

    #’s 1 and 3 don’t play against any defenses at all.

    Quite frankly it’s lame that anyone who watched Greene play all year didn’t vote for him.

    I’m not being a homer here either. Shonn is the best RB in the USA and played against defenses stacked to stop him, and they couldn’t ALL YEAR.

    1 and 3 play against Nintendo defenses which is how they got such gaudy stats.

  2. jcrew Says:

    terrible….tebow, mccoy, and greene…there is no defense in the b12, colt by far the best in the league, tebow is the returning champ and deserves another shot. must be the cyclone vote… very poor

  3. Bill Says:

    Like similar posts I’ve made in the Halas and Morehouse Blogs…

    Are you kidding me?

    You don’t get some kind of prize for picking the winner do you?

    If by any chance you have an opportunity like this in the future – Vote your section …that’s what you see and know best.

    Shonn’s credentials…hands down the best running back in the country …Doke Walker Winner, All American 1st Team, B10 MVP, B10 Offensive POY… what does a player need to do to win your vote?

    Best running performance ever from a Hawkeye…power…speed…grace better than Bell, Better than both Banks (Brad & Tavian)…it will be decades before we will see another performance like this…and you guys fumbled the ball in the Red Zone.

    Do you think any sports journalist from LA, NY would hesitate if player with Shonn’s numbers and recognition was playing in their section this year.

    You guys are a joke…you (Mike and Marc included) should all be ashamed of yourselves.

    Cedar Rapids

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