Heisman vote…what do i do?

My Heisman Trophy ballot is due next Wednesday. My No. 1 choice is all but set, but who should take silver and bronze (voters are asked only to rank their top three choices).

There still is time to sway me, which Iowa fans surely like to hear as Shonn Greene’s name fades from the national spotlight now that the Hawkeyes haven’t played in two weeks.

Greene’s numbers translate to a top-5 finish — and in most years would get him invited to the ceremony. Not this year, and that’s a shame.

It’s all about the quarterback.

ESPN isn’t hyping Greene for its broadcast of the Dec. 13 ceremony, a sure sign he won’t be in New York and possibly that his candidacy is losing steam.

I’ve long thought that the network has too much of an influence on the voting. Its commentary and (un)intended? campaigning of top players almost certainly helps fill out voters’ ballots.

So, who am i voting for? I’m leaning strongly toward Texas’ Colt McCoy.

He, Texas Tech’s Graham Harrell and Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford have all played in primetime and delivered huge games and huge wins. And yes, Florida’s Tim Tebow has got to be considered too.

(Full disclosure: I voted for Tebow a year ago. No brainer.) 

So what separates McCoy this year?

To me, he’s got a specialness that the other guys don’t. Can I explain it? Not very well, other than to say he seems to make plays and do incredible things when the ball is in his hands.

Accuracy, arm strength, running ability — I like it all.

Can anybody convince me otherwise? The rest of my top 3 is up for grabs, but short of a drop-dead performance from Bradford or Tebow in their conference title games, the Real McCoy is the Real Winner.

Whaddya think? Have i got this thing all wrong?


6 Responses to “Heisman vote…what do i do?”

  1. EP Says:

    It’s all about the QB in a conference that plays NO defense whatsoever. Teams stacked the box against Shonn every week and he still got off, got OFF.

    You live here and watched him all year so there should be no excuse on your part for him not getting a vote from you.

  2. Ms. A Says:

    Top 10 Defenses Faced
    Tim Tebow 2
    Sam Bradford 1
    Colt McCoy 0

    Top 20 Defenses Faced
    Tim Tebow 5
    Sam Bradford 1
    Colt McCoy 0

    Top 50 Defenses Faced
    Tim Tebow 10
    Sam Bradford 3
    Colt McCoy 0

    Defenses Ranked Worse than No. 70
    Tim Tebow 1
    Sam Bradford 8
    Colt McCoy 10

  3. Christina Says:

    SAM BRADFORD should win the Heisman this year. He has done everything right, despite all the controversy surrounding him and the team. Plus….he made history when he had 5 games in a row of 60+ points.

  4. Tim Says:

    1. Tim Tebow
    2. Sam Bradford
    3. Shonn Greene

  5. Paul Says:

    In a word, Tebow. Leadership is what makes champions and character (he owned on national TV his failing to lead the team against ol’ Miss, and made good on his commitments, huge factors for what makes him the best collecge football player barr none! What was it Lombardi said, about getting a 110% performance from a team to win…someone said it and Tebow did it every game from that point on. Tim’s firey desire to win come with a powerful example of goodness, strength, and humility for the youth of our country who want to be like him. This truth demands a ballot vote not based on statistics, unless those statistics include the bigger more complete defensive picture Ms. A reported. Then and only then can you vote accurately…for Tim Tebow. Tim’s dig it out of the dirt, rise out of the ashes performance, especially against Alabama, made a statement that no statistics can compete with. I like it that in just about every game, Tim and most of the first team players were taken out of the game for the second and third team players to gain experience and to preclude an embarrassing trashing of the losing team. The Gator program has class! Your vote will tell what you truly believe to be the real values behind what makes the best college football player a winner…not just his success on the field but in every aspect of his life…I would vote for the player that is the type of role model you would want your kids to emulate, the man that is so unique that his selection to represent what the Heisman stands for is a no-brainer because you know in your heart, where truth lives, who is most worthy of your vote. A person that may even make you proud you are his fellow American. How good it is that Tim wanted to be like and was able to model himself and his life after Danny Wuerfful. Can I get an AMEN?!

  6. sdl Says:

    Tebow says he will vote for Colt McCoy, enough said.

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