A week to reflect and correct

They could be 4-0 right now. They aren’t.

The Cyclones are 2-2 after last week’s excrutiating loss at UNLV. Is it where you thought they’d be? Realists probably had ISU, at best, finishing the non-conference season 3-1.

There’s eight games left. Gotta win four to be postseason eligible. Is it possible?

Looking at things right now, it’s hard to see it with how strong the Big 12 is.

ISU is awfully lucky in that it doesn’t play Oklahoma, Texas and Texas Tech, Top 10 teams with a combined record of 10-0. The Cyclones’ South opponents are Oklahoma State, Texas A&M and Baylor, all of which are unranked and have a 6-4 mark collectively.

That said, right now this young team is too inconsistent to think it can win more than the two league games it won in Coach Gene Chizik’s first season, let alone snap its 13-game road losing streak.

Wins: Texas A&M (H)

Losses: Kansas (H), Missouri (H), Colorado (A), Oklahoma State (A)

50-50: Baylor (A), Nebraska (H), Kansas State (A)

It’s probably shaping up as a 4-5 win season, looking to next season for a bowl breakthrough.

Of course, we’re only in week five and things can change. Iowa State’s got an extra week to prepare for its Oct. 4 game with KU and the rest of its season.

Can Austen Arnaud continue establishing himself as a budding star at QB?

Will the running game finally get untracked? I’m talking to you A-Rob. You too O-Line. Some running lanes would be nice.

Is leading tackler Michael Bibbs injured or just hurt? Losing the linebacker for any length of time would be a huge blow to ISU’s defense.

And all these penalites!! WTF!! Leonard Johnson’s late hit against Rebels quarterback Omar Clayton was the most egregious, but the Cyclones really need to clean up their act.

This is the week to do it, and prepare themselves for the stretch run. There’s work to be done.


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